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  • BurnAware: Free DVD Burning Software

    A program that was developed to be a powerful, lightweight and easy to use burning software, the BurnAware Free Edition may be used to master and burn CD, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray media and is ideal for advanced users and beginners as well.

    The preferences for this application are neatly lined up in the main window and everything that you need can be accessed easily. There are four categories available for the BurnAware Free Edition. These are creating Audio CD’s, writing images, creating DVD’s and burning data. Audio discs may be created using different audio formats such as WMA, MP3 or WAV.

    To use BurnAware Free Edition, all you need to do is select a task and then follow the step-by-step instruction that you will see on the screen. Add all the files that need to be written to disc, name it and begin the burning process by clicking on the red button that is located on the upper right area of the screen.

    As soon as the burning process is complete, you can now verify the data on the disc. Additionally, you can also simulate the burning process for the purposes of testing data. Keep in mind that when these 2 boxes are selected, the duration of the burning process will be longer than usual.

    With BurnAware Free edition, the burning process does not take much of your time. It is also great that this program will display the estimated time needed to finish the task that you are working on and you will also see the elapsed time for the project. Details about the average writing speed as well as the file that you are currently writing will be shown on the screen. Compared to all other disc burning applications, BurnAware features both options for disc erasing: full and quick (formatting). Nevertheless, in spite of the case of the actual burning process, when you choose disc erasing, you will not be given the amount of time that you need for the duration of the task.

    Overall, BurnAware Free edition is a very simple program that includes the basic functions of disc burning supporting a lot of disc types. Also, new users will be able to use and successfully create a project with this software in minutes. It can create ISO archives and has no problems with multi-session discs. Create Audio and Video CD’s for free with BurnAware Free edition.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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