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  • Brief Introduction of AutoCAD LT 2010

    AutoCAD LT 2010 is a restricted version of the popular AutoCAD software that belongs to Autodesk. Essentially, this software is a great tool for making complex drawings and computer graphics, from simple 2D shapes to complex 3D designs. AutoCAD LT 2010 is specifically designed to work with 2D environment (3D environment software package is removed) and has several facilities to ease the users.

    Compatible with Windows 7 platform, AutoCAD LT 2010 comes with new organizing tools, arranged in sheets (tabs) and categories. If we are accustomed to the old way of arranging the bars of commands from prior versions to 2009, then you know that we will take some time to adjust the new orders of our favorite places. Its not quite a difficult transition, but will sometimes be frustrating to find a command that can be hidden by the set of sheets and lists of the area known as the ribbon. And speaking of that name, it’s good to know two commands related to the ribbon: ribbonclose – drown the whole portion of buttons and the ribbon command – a visible remake.

    I did not found it difficult to pass the new organization of buttons. The most important commands are entered from the keyboard, so I had time to observe the logic and arrangement of buttons. If, reading this, think is too hard for you, well you can remember the passage that you did when you installed Windows Vista or Windows 7, or when you first used the Microsoft Office 2010. In a few days you’ve accustomed and forgot the old ways.  Simple, right?

    In the commands order we find new tools called the Output panel, or export. Good to note is that from the model or layout drawings we can export in formats such as DWF, DWFx or PDF. The new DWFx format is actually the future of DWF. From now on we no longer need any software to view DWFx files, which is compatible with new operating systems. Even Internet Explorer can view them. But this new format brings several advantages. They may be included in drawings (imported), measured, marked, printed or processed. Old DWF can be transformed into DWFx, so we’ve already entered a new era of portability for AutoCAD with this format (DWFx came with version 2009).

    Of course there are many more things about AutoCAD LT 2010.

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