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  • Bean: An Great Text Editor for Mac

    A free and simple word processor created for MAC, Bean is  lightweight application that is created perfectly for taking notes and writing jobs. Featuring a clean and easy to use interface, Bean is a must if you have a Mac.

    As compared to TextEdit, the text editor that comes with Mac, Bean offers services and features that TextEdit does not have. Bean includes  character counts, dynamic work and an auto save function as well. This light word processor opens very quicly and it only occupies 8MB in comparison to OpenOffice’s 400MB.

    Although Bean does not have all the advanced options and preferences of a full word processor, it efficiently handles all the same files that TextEdit does. Bean can even export PDF files – how cool is that?

    File Formats Supported by Bean
    Bean natively reads and writes these file formats:
    * .rtf format (rich text)
    * .rtfd format (Rich Text Format Directory, rich text with graphics)
    * .bean format (identical to .rtfd)
    * .txt format (Unicode and legacy)
    * .html format (as source code)
    * .webarchive format (Apple’s web archive format)

    Bean imports and exports these formats:
    * .doc format (MS Word ’97, minus images, margins, and page size)
    * .docx format (Office Open XML, minus images and some formatting)
    * .odt format (OpenDocument, minus images, margins, and page size)
    * .xml format (Microsoft Word 2003 XML, minus images)

    Bean can export all of the above formats to these formats:
    * .html (web page format, minus images)
    * .pdf
    * .doc compatible (with images intact)
    * .rtf (Rich Text Format, with images intact)

    Bean offers a selection of tools such as options for choosing fonts, color, ruler, word counter and page layout mode as well. Bean’s toolbar maybe customized depending on your preferred settings. You have the option to view a document in draft mode or default page layout mode. Additionally, this great word processing tool enables its use rto create columns and add images too (though only as inline graphics). It supports basic styles and features text adjustment options tht enables its user to manage character spacing and paragraph spacing as well.

    So, if you have a Mac and you are in need of a handy and highly functional texte ditor/word processor, we highly recommend that you download and give Bean a try. We can assure you that you will be amazed with its features and what it can do for you.

    Download Bean

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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