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  • Backup your files with Easy Burning

    With ever growing need for putting data onto cds, Easy Burning attempts to gain recognition as one of the leading cd burning programs. It’s compatible for Windows xp and up systems. You have the ability to backup your files onto a CD-R(W) quite easy as the name suggests. The overall design is honestly not that appealing but that does reflect the potential Easy Burning shows. All you have to do is simple create a folder and add files to it. Then from the Easy Burning menu simply select your folder and start burning right away. This is great for anyone who is wanting to back-up their music collection or important documents. You also have the ability to burn dvds to a DVD-R using any type of cd burning hardware. While using CD-RWs you can erase the current contents easily and re-write with your new files as well. If you’re in need of a simple yet effective cd burning program, Easy Burning is for you.

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