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  • Backup and Secure your Data with Acronis Backup and Security

    Acronis Backup and Security

    If you own a computer, it is important to ensure that it is secure from online threats and you have backup for all your valuable records. Acronis Backup & Security 2010 will do exactly this. This product is available to subscribers and can protect your PC from both external and internal threats. This means that you will be able to create both online and local backups.

    Acronis Backup & Security 2010 has two editions which offer different storage capacities for backup services. There is a standard edition that offers 5GB or a premium one that has 250GB storage.

    You can now use the internet without any worries thanks to this software. In terms of security, this solution will protect your PC against trojans, viruses, spyware and rootkits. If you are tired of getting spam on your computer, Acronis Backup & Security 2010 has a spam filtering feature that is very effective. It also protects you from scams which have become very popular. If you have children, you can block some inappropriate sites. This comes in very handy because children can gain access to various inappropriate sites when they are downloading games on the internet. Acronis Backup & Security 2010 also allows you to lock any sensitive information that you have stored on your computer.

    If you regularly use Yahoo and MSN for messaging, the software can encrypt the messages to prevent third parties from gaining access to your messages.

    The local backup that is offered by Acronis Backup & Security 2010 is one of the best and it will allow you to get all your lost data in a very short time because it uses disk imaging technology. This means that you will be able to protect your operating systems, settings, applications, music and pictures.

    The user interface of this software is very friendly and will let you know when you need to back up your PC depending on your needs. It also offers non-stop backup which is a great way to prevent the loss of Data. This feature allows your PC to backup data  every 5 minutes.

    This software offers secure network connections whether you are at home or in your office. This means that your activities will not be able to be tracked through spyware.

    Sometimes local backup is not adequate to protect essential data therefore you need online backup that allows you to store them in a remote location. Acronis Backup & Security 2010 has an online backup feature that does exactly this. This is an essential feature because most accidents do happen and a fire on your property can destroy the local backup. In such cases, it will be easy to recover all the data you had backed up from a remote location as long as you have access to the internet. The process that you have to go through to recover the documents is very simple.

    Acronis Backup & Security 2010 offers a variety of valuable features that are useful for any computer owner. Therefore it is definitely worth a try.

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