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    I am a bit of a file system freak. I am a photographer and entrepreneur, so the files on my computer are very important and very organized. I have photos that have made me thousands of dollars that are resting on my hard drive, financial statements, and documents I consider to be priceless such as family and personal photographs.

    I am pretty rigid in my backup regimen, and a huge part of that is the use of an online backup service. I have tried all of the major options available on the Mac, Mozy, Carbonite, iDisk on MobileMe, and finally Backblaze. I settled on Backblaze because of it’s ease of use and unique perspective on backup.

    By default, most backup solutions only backup certain files and folders that you specify to them. In major contrast, Backblaze backs up your ENTIRE computer unless you specify Backblaze to not backup a folder.

    So for example, on my Mac I have a few folders that I do not require Backblaze to back up such as my Applications folder. I do not have it back it up because it is a huge amount of data (about 20GB) that I would rather not backup so that the priority files can backup more continuously.

    Backblaze is a great service, I have not had one hiccup with the service once I figured out how I wanted my computer to be backed up. You can set how often you want Backblaze to back up such as once a day, continuously, etc. I have it set to backup continuously and with the lowest bandwidth allocation. This helps me preserve my connections speed, without worrying about my files not being backed up properly.

    Backblaze will backup almost as much data as you want it to (I am sure they have a limit at some point), but one of the great features of Backblaze is that you can also backup external hard drives, something Mozy and Carbonite didn’t do when I tested them. I currently have about 99GB backed up on Backblaze with no issues.

    Backblaze is available for a monthly fee of $5 per month or $50 per year. Completely worth the piece of mind. You can sign in to restore at to restore files easily.

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