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    As a computer user for more than 10 years, I am aware that it is a must to ensure that all-important data should be backed up regularly. With more and more viruses and threats online, the hard drive can crash at any time and all your hard work may vanish instantly.

    However, backing up your data and keeping your information securely on a regular basis can be time consuming and troublesome as well. If you feel that you are having these issues, the DirSync Pro can be the solution to your problem.

    DirSync Pro is a free, downloadable program that allows a user to recursively synchronizes and updates multiple external storage devices as they are attached to your system. As a result, each time a user modifies or update a file, DirSync Pro will handle all the necessary changes automatically as well as update your storage devices using your system’s settings.

    This great software also features an interface that is very user friendly and allows the user to configure the settings according to their needs. Additionally, DirSycn Pro can be used through the command line, making it flexible for using it in batches.

    The good news is that DirSync Pro is free. This software was designed and distributed as an open source program enabling any computer programmer to add his own preferences to the program. An ideal back up software that best suits new users as well as experienced programmers, DirSync Pro will definitely keep and back up all your information securely.

    As a final point, I highly recommend DirSync Pro to every computer user for synchronizing and backing up data. Use this free program to protect and keep all your important data absolutely free! No trials, expirations and no limitations in its functionality. DirSync Pro runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

    Download it from and experience its great features and what it can do for you.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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