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  • Avant : A Whole New Browsing Experience

    Internet Explorer may still be one of the most utilized browsers by majority of all computer users but we must admit that its competitors have developed a lot of new functional features that provides a better browsing experience. I think that these people use Internet Explorer until now because aside from the fact that it is already on the system as soon as they turn it on, there are also some who are apprehensive to try out something new. With Avant Browser, you can have cool and practical add-ons without having to let go of IE.

    Avant Browser lets you add a lot of amazing features and still use the Internet Explorer engine. You may also use any of the two browsers anytime or use both whenever you want to. Read on as I have listed below some of the funky attributes of this browser.

    Pop up Blocker

    This browser features an excellent pop up blocker. It enables pages to pop up as it should as it simultaneously blocks pop up advertisements. You also have the option to set Avant to play a warning sound when it blocks pop-ups.

    Tabbed Browsing

    For me, tabbed browsing is one of the best features ever developed in a browser. Since I started using tabs to browse the Internet, I know that I couldn’t live without it anymore. Tabbed browsing enables the user to open more than one window all together in the same browser and these “tabs” separate them. Go from one website to another without having to open a new browser window.


    Avant Browser includes a lot of new shortcuts so you can easily close or open browser windows. Additionally, you can block Java, ActiveX, images, scripts and a lot more which is perfect if you want websites to load faster. It also provides more security for you.

    Other features

    A search engine powered by Google is also available for this browser.

    Configure Avant to clear passwords, temporary Internet files, cookies and typed addresses.

    In case you accidentally closed Avant browser, you can recover the opened pages when this occured.

    Given all of the features listed above, it should be certainly clear that Avant Browser is a must try for everyone who still use Internet Explorer. Download it here for free for a better browsing experience. I highly recommend this browser both for new and advanced PC users. Should you feel that this is not the browser for you, it can be uninstalled easily and you can go back to where you started in no time.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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