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    Every system would usually have a file compression application on it. It may be present by default or the user may also install it. We use archived files to obtain an organized hard drive or to manage multiple file transfers. Additionally, an archive folder may also be created to keep important data as a password may be applied to prevent unauthorized access. One of the most popular applications that can do all these is PeaZip.

    PeaZip is an archiving application that is free to use and works with both Linux and Windows operating systems. It was released under the LGPL license and was made by developers as a self-contained, standalone application. The application can be integrated easily into the KDE desktop by following a few steps. It provides support for the following formats: PAQ8F, PAQ8JD, PAQ8L, 7Z, 7Z-sfx, BZip2, GZip/TGZ, PEA, QUAD, split (.001), TAR and ZIP files. After successful integration to KDE, you will be able to extract and compress archives by right clicking on a specific file and clicking on the appropriate action.

    Whenever you create a new archive with PeaZip, you will be given the ability to change the type and would also have additional options. You will see a drop-down menu that lists all the available archive types that it supports. After choosing a type, you will see an information bar, which includes a description about the selected format. This will allow you to select the format type that you need (speed, security level and compression). For majority of the formats, you will be able to select a volume size. This is an ideal feature that can help you create an archive and split it into a number of parts. In addition, you will also be given choices such as method, compression level, word, dictionary, passes and password encryption. This feature depends on the format that you have selected.

    Lastly, clicking on the first button of the toolbar when creating an archive will bring out a dialog box that will prompt you to create a file name and ask you where you want to save the archive. It will also display a dialog showing information about the ongoing process.

    To summarize, PeaZip is quite an outstanding archiving application that works wonders and is very easy to use. It features a simple interface, which can be learned easily even by beginners in just a few minutes. And since it’s free, what more can you ask for?

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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