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  • 5 Sites With Great Tutorials

    Graphic design and technical work isn’t just for major firms anymore. Your average Joe can be a one-stop shop for video production, graphic design, website programming, and software development—and when a problem arises, he or she will need trustworthy resources for troubleshooting software, resolving issues and getting back to work. Freelance graphic designers can take solace knowing that there are communities out there, gas stations for you to recharge your creative batteries and learn new tools of the trade. Here are five Internet destinations where you can find great tutorials to aid you in your freelance career:

    Creative Cow—This amazing site offers tutorials and sage troubleshooting advice for just about every piece of software you can imagine, but especially ones related to visual design. This includes video editing software like Final Cut Pro and After Effects, photo design and editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and a vast variety of other programs, including Motion, Shake, Boris, cinematography and others. There are literally thousands of tutorials and forums on the site, making it very nearly a social network for graphic design and video troubleshooting.

    PSD TUTS—This popular graphic design and Photoshop tutorial site offers tutorials, articles, and tips related to Photoshop, 3D rendering, computer graphics, Illustrator and Vector, Flash, Flex, and ActionScript, web design, mobile development, and many other design resources. The site advertises a premium service online education platform that offers E-books, a course library and a community of 15,000 members.

    Veerle—This blog offers tutorials, articles, and tips related to Graphic and Web Design, Modern Home Design, as well as a gallery of great Belgian design work. A variety of typography and programming languages are also covered. The Home Design section covers furniture, office, and garden designs. Veerle is a great combination of tips and examples. For people who learn best by studying the work of others, this blog’s for you.

    Vector Tuts—The one stop shop for Adobe Illustrator tutorials, this blog is focused on techniques for making vector designs. Similar to PSD Tuts, they offer a premium service with more advanced resources.

    Loon Design—This blog offers creative solutions for people looking to design websites and brochures. Skill sets for the web include design, redesign, CMS integration, interface design, e-commerce solutions, logo branding and SEO. Print services include designs for business cards, CD/DVD covers, posters and banners. Loon Design’s motion resources include flash animation, and 2D animation. Less focused on tutorials than tips and articles, this site is a good reference for people looking to consider the commercial aspects of design.

    If you’re a freelance graphic designer, app developer, or video producer you may find yourself frequently needing a central hub for your technical concerns. You may also need new ideas, techniques, and advice for plug-in’s. The five tutorial sites listed above are a good place to start.

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