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Ximplify SeleQ for Nokia 7650

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$18 USD
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0.06 MB
Alchemy Technology Sdn Bhd
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Ximplify SeleQ for Nokia 7650 Description:

Ximplify SeleQ for Nokia 7650 application screenshot

SeleQ gives you greater control over your phone’s internal resources. Organise & manage your files, open images, capture screen shots and turn your phone into a music player.

Operating System Support: Symbian - Nokia 7650


Ximplify SeleQ for Nokia 7650 reviewReview for Ximplify SeleQ for Nokia 7650

Ximplify SeleQ for Nokia 7650 rating 2.39 out of 5 based on 38 ratings. With 3 user reviews.

55555 My favourite application

Good 4 explore the mobile device

44444 i just want to say thank u

thank you so much for your programs

44444 Nokia 7650

First impression on the Nokia 7650 is its big size compared to my 8310 I used for a year. But what tickled my urge to buy a 7650 is its multimedia features. The built-in camera was the greatest feature of the phone, never missing great moments that suddenly arise. The camera doesn’t have a built-in flash but it has an option for night time so you could still take images even when the lights aren’t sufficient for taking photos. You can also use images in the photo caller identification to see who’s calling. Then have your phone installed with T-Mobile Video Messaging software from any cell phone dealers and off you go for video clips (20-25 seconds is the maximum length though).

Personalizing your phone display was like having a Windows applications right on your cell phone and it is icon based. You can transfer files to a folder, rename them, change the color palette, organize your schedules, play games with its colored LCD, etc. It has also blue-tooth technology and infrared connectivity. You could also use the phone as a modem of your pc. The security feature ensures that no one can manipulate with your phone when you suddenly attend a nature call. Conversion is very convenient especially if you’re a student; I always use it during our engineering and physics class. Text messaging wouldn’t be more fun with it’s maximum of 480 characters. MMS was cool, you can add voice recordings and colored images to it.

The composer was different from the previous models. It’s not that easy as it used to be coz you really have to compose your ringing tone. Actual notes and other symbols are there, with the G-clef of course. Too bad you can’t send them to other phones. Polyphonic tones are hip nowadays. They can be downloadable and you can listen to it with its speakerphone.

If the 7650 has great features, it also has a bit of bad ones. The most important thing was the battery life. If you’re a heavy cell phone user, expect your battery to be drained within the next 10 hours. The standby time may take 3 days with just a couple of text messaging and without long calls. I wouldn’t say it will work for the rest of 7650 owners but that’s mine. Maybe one of these days I would try to turn on the phone without using it to see if it really gets 150 hours of standby time as it is written on the manual. I also missed the “insert number from the phone book” feature from my Nokia 8310.

The screensaver is not that entertaining as other phones have coz it doesn’t allow the user to set pictures or animated images. It only displays a horizontal text or the date and time, and an unnoticed changing colors of the text highlights. The sound recorder cannot record good sounds or better.

The phone would be really superb if it has a touch screen like the pda’s. I also wished it has built-in FM radio to complete the package and a bigger memory for more images, tones and clips (and play mp3’s too). Browsers are lacking too.

Why wouldn’t Nokia put all those features in a way consumers will be satisfied with their phones? Well I guess it’s their marketing strategy to keep people buying new Nokia cell phone models.

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