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WordSmart Vocabulary

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WordSmart Vocabulary Description:

Anyone exposed to The WordSmart Vocabulary Program could raise their I.Q. by an incredible 20-40 points! Adults will gain stature in the workplace, greatly expanding their career opportunities. And children will increase their English grade by a whole letter grade…GUARANTEED!

WordSmart has already helped tens of thousands increase their English vocabulary dramatically. How do we know? Because they kept the software and continued to order more! You will too. We guarantee it. WordSmart is used in hundreds of universities and institutions, including Purdue and MIT. What’s more, WordSmart is the winner of both the Homeschool PC’s Award in the English Vocabulary Category and The Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation Seal of Approval. WordSmart works!

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WordSmart Vocabulary reviewReview for WordSmart Vocabulary

WordSmart Vocabulary rating 3.77 out of 5 based on 22 ratings. With 20 user reviews.

55555 More than i expected

I ordered the wordsmart sat/act series because my daughter needed about 100 or so more points on her sat for a scholarship program offered through her ideal school and even though she had already scored a 1950 which was sufficient for other schools admission requirements our whole goal was scholarship money so when the lady called me and guarenteed 200 point we all agreed it was worth a try especially because they also said we can try it out for a month. I have to say i was more than satisfied with the program, not only was the curriculum challenging but it was quite robust, it included practice test so she was able to get used to the test itself, it gave us something like a reportcard so we knew how she was doing, and when she took the test again she actually saw a significant jump after completing the course her final sat score was a 2280. i dont normally go through the effort of posting reviews but i was shocked to see other parent who never tried the program but still had such harsh words. Anyway i hope this helps, if you try it you will be satified with the results

22222 Unreliable

I have not begun to use the actual software itself, however the customer service is in a sad state. Their office hours are off by over 2 hours (9-5PST, where I call at 3PST and they're gone) and will not allow a return until I have thoroughly explored a product I am not interested in.

55555 It works Awesome! If you work it!!

I'm a parent who has 3 highschool children. I purchased the Wordsmart from a Super cool knowledgeable, friendly rep from this company. Not only has it been a tremendous asset to my kids in getting there grades and scores up. My wife and I both fell on love with the "progressive reader" disc and the "vocabulary" builder both! My wife is finishing up her Bachelors degree and "Swears" by this program. The complainers must be clueless because, as the rep told me, if you pull up "Johnson O'Conners" Wikipedia page up and read the paragraph "Later Research" . You'll see that this company and program is the only one "Liscenced" through that foundation. You'll also learn that having a tremendous vocabulary is the #1 Greatest Predictor of success on these tests, and in school, in life and in the Job World!! I had my vocabulary continuity put on "pause" just like the Rep said I could. Then 4 months later because our family Loved it so much, we called in and allowed them to send the next 2 higher volumes over the next 2 months at he 49% discount. Then told them to stop "for now" with higher level shipments till further notice. That's how you do it!!!!!!!! I saw they have an A+ rating at I just don't get the wining and complaining! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM!!!!

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