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WinDVD Creator Plus

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$69.95 USD
InterVideo, Inc
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WinDVD Creator Plus Description:

WinDVD Creator Plus is the easiest and fastest DVD-making program ever created. WinDVD Creator Plus takes all the easy-to-use features of WinDVD Creator, and adds time-saving features like:

Direct Recording is to DVD creation what the assembly line was to the industrial revolution, it's like a non-stop expressway from your camera to your burner. With Direct Recording you can burn an hour of video in about an hour, or 2 to 3 times faster than competing products, because WinDVD Creator Plus does all the buffering, rendering and burning in the background, in real-time. Burn DVDs without editing with Direct Recording.

OnDiscEditing lets you go into a DVD that you already burned and delete, append or record over titles, all without writing, rendering and rewriting the entire disc. With OnDiscEditing you'll never have to rewrite your whole DVD just because you misspelled a word on your title screen.

Plus all the features in WinDVD Creator - Four Easy Steps to make your DVD:

* Capture
* Edit
* Author
* Make Movie

Operating System Support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista


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