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VoicePhone Description:

VoicePhone application screenshot

VoicePhone is a handy softphone designed for making international calls to fix or mobile numbers over the Internet.

*** Supports a wide range of SIP providers

*** Allows you to select appropriate SIP account based on the destination of a call - "Best for destination" rule
You may specify what SIP account shall be used for a specific destination. For example, for the first account specify "Destination" = T-Mobile, "Phone No Starts with" = 0151,0160; for the second account specify "Destination" = Moscow, "Phone No Starts with" = 7495. Thus the first account will be used for calls to T-Mobile phone numbers, the second one will be used for calls to Moscow, thus saving your money.

*** Allows you to configure other dial rules: prefixes, paddings, replacements
1. Add Prefix - adds prefix before the phone number. A SIP provider may offer different cost of calls based on the prefix before the phone number, for example, a call to 74951111111 with prefix 001 would be cheaper, while prefix 002 would give a better quality, etc. Every SIP account may have it's own prefixes.
2. Pad Left - if the length of a phone number equals to the number of chars in Pattern, then the phone number will be padded with the prefix "With what". For example, Pattern=NNNNNNN, "With what" = 7495, phone number=1234567, then the resulting phone number would be dialed as follows: 74951234567
3. Replace Left - if a phone number starts with "What", then that part of the number will be replaced with "With what". For example, "What" = 7095, "With what" = 7495, the original phone number 70951111111 would be dialed as 74951111111

*** Quick Calls
Select a phone number on the screen and holding down the Ctrl key quickly press C twice, i.e. Ctrl+C+C. The selected text will be copied to the clipboard and VoicePhone will initiate a call. All non-numeric symbols will be removed automatically.

System Requirements: Internet Connection, SIP account
Operating System Support: WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win7 x64
Tags: voip, sip, softphone, soft phone, calls | Free Group SMS