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Price/Registration Fee:
$19.9 USD
Trial Period:
30 Days
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0.48 MB
Henry Ulbrich
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Read 2 Reviews
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UrlSearch Description:

UrlSearch application screenshot

UrlSearch extracts web addresses or other text strings from local or remote files. Results can be edited and exported in various ways. UrlSearch can also view index.dat files, compute MD5 check sums for file lists and text strings, and can find duplicate files on disk. A separate Text window offers some manipulating functions for HTML pages like decode Hex encoded Html or Script text, and strip/count Html tags.

Operating System Support: Win98, WinXP
Tags: extract,history,cookies,index.dat,md5,unescape


UrlSearch reviewReview for UrlSearch

UrlSearch rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

55555 Fantastic Product

I've been using UrlSearch for several years now, doing forensic analysis on various files. Henry has written an *indispensible* tool; it's a hell of a bargain too! Highly recommended!

55555 Great Software and Support

This is one of my favorite software. It is flexible and allows you to surf the web and get the information you need much better than traditional search engines.

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