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Universal Virus Sniffer

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Universal Virus Sniffer Description:

Currently Avast, AVG and Gdata and Sophos are flagging this as infected. It is a virus scanner and is a false positive, however if you are not comfortable, do not use it.

Universal Virus Sniffer is a powerful antivirus removal tool designed to ease the process of detecting and eliminating unknown viruses, rootkits, and bootkits. For experienced users.


- The three basic modes: work with active, inactive, remote systems.
- Working with the registry in three modes: remove links to viruses, troubleshooting after treatment of antivirus.
- Creating images autorun. (Eg for remote assistant).
- The fourth mode of operation: cimulyatsiya work in the virtual system, based on its image.
- Unique set of filters and a built-in analyzer for the rapid detection of unknown piece of code claimed.
- Maintain user database of viruses, automatic extraction of signatures of executable files (including protected)
- Automatic detection of active virus file and withdraw their signatures.
- Detection and easy removal of any file rootkits [file checking + check digit. signatures on a clean system]
- Ability to use the catalog external digital signatures (CatRoot) inactive system (including in the WinPE 2.x-3.x)
- The discovery of hidden DLL in the address space of the process.
- Immune (to the Neck. Types of block.) StartUp module cleaning system before starting uVS. ( StartF )
- Detection of latent infection MBR, Boot sector and downloaders Windows. [File checking]
- Convenient restoration of damaged / missing files from distribution Windows.
- Backup the registry with its defragmentation and recovery.
- Identify executable file streams.
- Virtualization registry.

System Requirements: Win 2000/03/08/XP/Vista/7
Operating System Support: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Other


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