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TurboCall Description:

TurboCall application screenshot

TurboCall is a top one-stop and US/CA CallerID application for blackberry smartphones.

TurboCall is feature-rich, main features are as follows:

* Show number location of incoming/outgoing call: Support 202 countries, US/CA 307 area codes, about 15,000 cities and 160,000 number prefixs, US number owns line type (Landline/Cell Phone).
* Missed call and new SMS alert: Alert with LED, vibration, voice and message window regularly. LED can be set color, brightness, flash period.
* Incoming call firewall: Intercept incoming calls according to blacklist, whitelist or Contacts.
* SMS firewall: Intercept SMS according to blacklist, whitelist, Contacts or keywords.
* Smart dial: Input number prefix or any digits to list all matched number and make call.
* Call alert: Vibrate on call connect or disconnect. Remind of a call's elapsed time regularly.
* Quick launch: Call, SMS or launch apps/website quickly with shortcuts.
* Auto standby: Auto standby after screen off to save power effectively. (for OS 4.5 ~ 4.7)
* Auto lock: Auto lock after screen off. (for OS 5.0 above)
* Battery level indicator: Show battery level in system interfaces. (for OS 4.6 above)
* Battery level icon: Show battery level on TurboCall icon.
* Biorhythm: Daily physical, emotional and intellectual analysis.
* Monthly traffic: Record current month's traffic. (for OS 4.6 above)
* Battery log and estimate: Record battery level, calculate the average power consumption and estimate available time.
* One key to switch WiFi: One key to turn on/off WiFi.
* One key to switch radio: One key to turn on/off radio.
* Alert on charge complete: Sound to alert after charging full.
* Auto close low battery level LED flash: Close low battery level LED flash automatically.
* Auto turn off WiFi: Turn off WiFi automatically if disconnected for some time.
* More: IP Call, auto turn on radio, one ke...

System Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.5 ~ 7.1
Operating System Support: BlackBerry OS 4.5 - 7.1
Tags: blackberry, callerid, number, location, query, area, code, smart


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