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Tag and Rename

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Softpointer Ltd
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Tag and Rename Description:

Tag and Rename application screenshot

Tag and Rename is a handy management utility designed for MP3, MPEGPlus and VQF music files. It can easily rename your music collection using the tag ID3v1/ID3v2 data write new or edit existing tags and import music information from cddb or servers. Tag&Rename can also write tags based on your music libraries file structure (artistalbum itle.mp3 for example).

Operating System Support: Win/95/98/XP


Tag and Rename reviewReview for Tag and Rename

Tag and Rename rating 4.56 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

55555 Tag and Rename 3.0.1


It's a bit overwhelming in the begining. But once you read a couple of the help files, you will undertand what is going on with the interface. After that you realize what an amzing GUI design it is. Much thought was put into it as there have multiple times where I have noticed little things that are blessing to the user.


You can tag from filename. You can rename from the tag. And if there both wrong you can enter in the fields yourself for multiple mp3s. Of course if your lazy, you can use the option. You search for the album on the allmusic site and it transfers all the info to the tag with a click of the button. This allows you to quickly tag your files with as little effort as possible.


There are a tons of options for this program. I am very impressed with it and I reccomend it to anybody who has a large poorly tagged mp3 collection. I also reccomend buying it so they can make future versions. They really do listen to their customers as I asked them about how to do a specific task in the program, and they replied that it couldn't be done now but it would be possible with the next version. Try doing that with Microsoft.

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