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Spy Sweeper

Price/Registration Fee:
$29.95 USD
File size:
3.8 MB
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Spy Sweeper Description:

Defend yourself and your PC from the fastest growing threat to your privacy.

Don’t get caught without protection from harmful spyware that invades your privacy and can lead to identity theft. Spy Sweeper protects you where your firewall and anti-virus software can’t by detecting and safely removing invasive spyware including: Trojans, adware, keyloggers, and system monitors.

With features like proactive home page protection and automated cookie removal, Spy Sweeper sets a new standard, offering functionality not found in other spyware protection programs. For ongoing protection against ever-evolving spyware, Spy Sweeper subscription service provides the most advanced security available.

A Spy Sweeper subscription offers seamless updates to new definitions that detect and remove threats as they emerge. Just as virtually all savvy Internet users have opted for professional-grade virus protection, the severe consequences of unidentified spyware have led informed users to look for spyware protection backed by a trusted company with the resources to offer the highest levels of support. A company like Webroot, the leader in privacy protection, and a product like Spy Sweeper.

Operating System Support: Windows All


Spy Sweeper reviewReview for Spy Sweeper

Spy Sweeper rating 4.56 out of 5 based on 16 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

55555 the absolute best!!!

This program is by faaaaaaaar the most effective! Searches for over 78,000 spyware components! SpySubtract only 37000, S Eliminator only 36000 and is partnered with a spyware company, WhenU. It's evil! Eliminator is always rated #1, but it really should be down at #5. Ad-Aware only 37000, and S Doctor and Spybot-S&D only 23000 and PestPatrol only 22000. The best is Spy Sweeper!!!

55555 Excellent Anti-spyware tool

I am a tech with over 9 years of experience in the IT field, running my own computer repair business. Lately, more and more clients have their systems infected by spyware. I have used until a few months ago Pest Patrol, which is a good application. However, I think that Spy Sweeper 2.6 is much better, and most likely one of the top antispyware products out there. I have purchased the full copy and used it on my home systems, to test it. Even though I am very careful in what I am downloading, Spyware still found a few traces and spyware apps, and some of them were not detected by Pest Patrol. Since I've discovered Spy Sweeper, I have recommended to about 10 clients who needed a cleanup of their system. It really helped out clean the systems affected and it seemed to hold the fort against spyware that would want to keep coming back. Even the freeware copy (which will allow only a one time update) is excellent, and will make you think immediately about buying it. But I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good antispyware tool to purchase the subscription for the utility as there are almost weekly updates, which are not available for the free version after the first update. I have installed for customers their own copies on Win Me, Win 2K, and Win XP systems with no problems whatsoever. I can't speak for Win98. Again, I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

CompSweep | Perfect Process