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Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator

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$15.95 USD
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Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator Description:

Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator application screenshot

Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator treats Spam like a crime and goes after the criminals. Used by Police Departments Worldwide. The program takes advantage of the fact that all spam messages contain web links, that they want you to click on. It scans your POP mailbox and investigates the links found in your new email messages and then crawls through their web site to look for evidence. It will then score both the email message and web site using a comprehensive 1,200 word database and proprietary forensic techniques that will let you know exactly what is going on behind the message. You can then choose to have the program send a complaint to their ISP or the State Attorney General, or simply delete the message. You can maintain a database of trusted and denied domains or senders and also modify the keyword database and more. SpamCSI comes with a complete set of spam related networking tools that allow you to investigate each email in detail. The program is not for the faint hearted, since it offers many advanced features and should be considered a hands-on anti-spam toolbox for advanced users. Whois, Ping, ISP/MX Lookup, Name2IP, IP2Name, Traceroute, Finger, Email Bounce Back, Email Scan, Link Scan, Auto-Delete, More!

Operating System Support: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2000


Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator reviewReview for Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator

Spam CSI - Crime Scene Investigator rating 4.22 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. With 3 user reviews.

55555 Feature Rich

I love the top level domain filter and the million other things it does. I am happy to say that I now get zero spam! ZERO!

55555 Excellent

You have to try it. Works great and gets rid of spam for sure. Try it

55555 Works as advertised

Easy install and setup, and the power that it gives you over spammers is amazing. It gives me complete joy having Spam CSI help me to shut down spam web sites!

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