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Smart BootManager

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Suzhe, Lonius
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Smart BootManager Description:

Smart BootManager application screenshot

Smart Boot Manager (SBM) is an OS independent and full-featured boot manager with an easy-to-use user interface.

The main goals of SBM are to be absolutely OS independent, flexible and full-featured. It has all of the features needed to boot a variety of OSes from several kinds of media, while keeping its size no more than 30K bytes. In another words, SBM does NOT touch any of your partitions, it totally fits into the first track (the hidden track) of your hard disk!

SBM now supports booting from floppy, hard disk and CD-ROM. There are plans to support ZIP and LS-120 in the near future.

Smart BootManager is totally FREE!
Key Features
Automatically searches drivers and partitions
Powerful Boot Schedule
Booting from CD-ROM
Swapping driver ID
Auto Delay Boot
Sending keystrokes to the operating system
Easy Customized Theme file
Password protection

Operating System Support: Windows All


Smart BootManager reviewReview for Smart BootManager

Smart BootManager rating 4.18 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. With 3 user reviews.

55555 Smart BootManager

Best than most Comercial BootManagers, The only flaw is not booting (yet) from USB or ZIP disks. Last version 3.7 on Sourceforge allows thems.

33333 Smartbootmanager

Nice concept, lots of features, I used it for several months and was happy with it. Reason I stopped is several features I occasionally needed don't work (not in a bad way and cause big problems but just irritating). I suspect the writer(s) got the beast nearly right and moved on to other things.

55555 Great



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