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Skater TOTAL

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$99.99 USD
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7 Days
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3.85 MB
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Skater TOTAL Description:

Skater TOTAL application screenshot

Skater TOTAL is the unique .NET protection tool that proves real security for your production software. Unlike Skater .NET obfuscator that makes the unauthorized reverse-engineering more difficult by symbol renaming, control-flow algorithms, encrypting etc., Skater TOTAL totally stops MSIL disassemblers. This is the assurance that no one will see your source code.
When compiling to .NET managed code, the compiler translates your source code into Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL), which is a CPU-independent set of instructions that can be efficiently converted to native code. Skater TOTAL is not a .NET code obfuscator. It transforms the revealed MSIL code of your executables into native unmanaged representation that keeps all .NET metadata unaffected. It grants the same layer of protection as native ASM and C++ code.
C#/VB.NET assemblies contain metadata that C++ assemblies do not, which can be helpful in decompilation. C# and VB.NET compile down into MSIL which maps much better to the original source code than does C++'s machine code output. Regular .NET Obfuscator can help, but it cannot prevent reverse-engineering; it can only make it harder. Much more information about your application source code, such as metadata including class structure, methods body etc., can be extracted from scanning the MSIL than from scanning highly optimized binary machine code produced from ASM or C++ compiler. Skater TOTAL gives ability to keep coding in high-level OOP languages (C# / VB.NET) but completely secures your intellectual property.

System Requirements: .NET framework 2.0
Operating System Support: Vista, WinXP, WinNT 4.x
Tags: native, net, code, vbnet, c, obfuscator, obfuscation


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