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Lexun Freeware
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Safely cleans junk out of the Windows 2000/XP system registry. All changes made to the registry are fully restorable to it's original condition. You can make an exclusion list of registry entries that RegScrubXP will not display as problems.

You can sift through a list of file extensions, company names, "run upon startup" programs, Internet Explorer history, and uninstall programs to delete what you think is junk. Tweak the registry with the easy to use tweaker! Additional Tips & Tweaks help file with dozens of XP tweaks! Users love it! Click a button to download (in the background) the latest updates from the Lexun Freeware web site! RegScrubXP is freeware! Pass it around! Give it to your friends! Fred Langa liked it better than any of the other registry cleaners, including jv16 power tools! Featured on TechTV in Australia! People are using it all over the world!

Operating System Support: Win2000/XP
Tags: free registry cleaner, regscrubxp download


RegScrubXP reviewReview for RegScrubXP

RegScrubXP rating 4.44 out of 5 based on 89 ratings. With 37 user reviews.

55555 RegScrubXP

As with any Registry Cleaner, it is what it is. However, this is full of tips & tricks on setting up XP that way YOU want, not Microsoft.

55555 RegScrubXP

I find it is the best software tool to clean up the registries problem. It is light and handy. Good job

33333 Windows compatibility

Just downloaded. Just after starting the install exe windows put up a box indicating regscrubXP is not compatible with Vista. This PC just upgraded to SP2 yesterday, not sure if that included a check for this product.

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