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Ragnarok Online

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Ragnarok Online Description:

Ragnarok Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game, produced by using a vast structure of background and storyline from the original animation of `Ragnarok' written by Myung-Jin Lee. It is developed as an Role-Playing Game focused on community features.

Operating System Support: Win/95/98/ME/NT/XP


Ragnarok Online reviewReview for Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online rating 3.79 out of 5 based on 182 ratings. With 82 user reviews.

44444 How do you download it?

i know this game is cool. i played it before. now i cant find where u downoad it. can u please tell me?

11111 Horrible Gameplay

While a lot of people speak of how cute and fancy this game is, I think they failed to provide the newcomers with what REALLY happens in the game.

Yes, the game is cute. Yes, the game could provide a temporary (very temporary)release of boredom. But that's about it.

For the those who are interested in trying out this game, let me just give you a brief outline of the life of a typical Ragnarok character.

You start as a novice trying to level to obtain your first Job. Unless you have rich and powerful friends to tank you and provide you with upgraded equipments, you will be spending a good few hours just stabbing at pink blob monsters for experience. Once you managed to hit first job, prepare for a long journey to second job. Some classes are easier to level than others, like swordman. While other classes are literally a nightmare to level, like priest. Nevertheless, even if you pick the easiest class to level with, you are looking at at least a few good weeks or even months before you can hit second job. After you hit second job, the true nightmare begins. The long marathon to level 99. It will take people months and some even YEARS to hit level 99. To make things worse, you lose experience when you die in this game. So imagine this, by the time you hit level 95, it will literally take you hours to just gain 1% of experience required to get to the next level. Now when you lose all those hours you put into that 1%. Believe me when I tell say this, no matter WHICH class you pick, no matter WHAT groups you will be joining, you WILL die. So expect a LONG and mindless grind.

Once you hit level 99, Congrats! and get ready for an even LONGER grind to get to level 99 as a transcendant class.

Worst part about this game is that theres literally no storyline or questlines. So all you do day after day, month after month, is to stab at cute little monsters. Now imagine doing that for years...

Personally, I think this game is nothing more than a text based RPG with added graphics. At least some text based RPGs have storylines...

So newcomers be warned! If you don't believe me, feel free to try it out yourself. The game itself will prove my point.

55555 Is chaos server included

Is the choas server included in this ragnarok online?

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