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Pool Buddy Yahoo

Price/Registration Fee:
$29.99 USD
File size:
1.58 MB
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Pool Buddy Yahoo Description:

Pool Buddy Yahoo application screenshot

Auto Aimer for Yahoo Pool.

Detects the ball you are trying to shoot and predicts where it will go.

Calculates where your ball will go and shows you the path of the ball using a clearly visible line.
Draws a straight line to the edge of table or pocket. Making it hard to miss your pool shots
Calibrates itself to your system, so it works on just about all setups.
Supports bank shots up to as many as 4 rail bank shots.
Supports different line colors, so you can pick the color with the best contrast for you.
Has a virtual ball option so you can see exactly how the pool ball will fit into the pocket.
Always on top option so you can keep Pool Buddy above all other windows at all times.
Calibrate option allows you to re-calibrate if you need to.
100% UNDETECTABLE ! don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This is the only undetectable aimer.
Supports English and Italian rooms
Ultimate cheat program for Yahoo pool

Operating System Support: Windows XP and Vista


Pool Buddy Yahoo reviewReview for Pool Buddy Yahoo

Pool Buddy Yahoo rating 4.4 out of 5 based on 307 ratings. With 16 user reviews.

55555 good

very nice

55555 Yahoo Pool Buddy

My rating went up by 400+ in five hours

44444 Why cheat?

I bought it and assumed it was now mine to use like any software. Guess what? A year later, they wanted more money as all of a sudden my program was only good for a year. This was not told to me on purchase. I know just play pool the honest way. What is really the fun or the point if you can only beat players by cheating. Is it to impress some one with your bank shots? I have got verily skilled on my own and have developed an eye for most shots, except of course multi bank shots. I would say, if you feel that you have to cheat to have fun in a game,,,,go do something else. I would sooner loose all games then win one by cheating.

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