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Panda Platinum Internet Security

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$69 USD Buy Now!
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31.51 MB
Panda Software
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Panda Platinum Internet Security Description:

Panda Platinum Internet Security application screenshot

A complete security solution for businesses and professionals to armor plate your computer and data. It includes protection against viruses, hackers, spam, spyware and other Internet-borne threats.You can now get this product with the most intelligent protection to combat unknown viruses and intruders. TruPrevent Technologies protect your computer against the growing risk of infection that exists when a new virus appears and spreads in just a matter of hours. Even before your antivirus has been updated against it TruPrevent Technologies will be able to detect it and block it.

Operating System Support: Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, 98


Panda Platinum Internet Security reviewReview for Panda Platinum Internet Security

Panda Platinum Internet Security rating 4.03 out of 5 based on 31 ratings. With 16 user reviews.

11111 Panda securtiy

I installed Panda and can't get rid of it. The problem is my computer runs slow because this thing takes up so many megabytes. It takes 75 of them. Everytime I,ve tried to uninstall it I get a malware thing and if I delete this I am afraid that I will lose everything. So this means I have to get some one to come in at a huge expense to get this crap of my computer. I would not recommend this spyware to anyone and would never use it again myself.

22222 Panda Anti-Virus + Firewall - not so good anymore

I first installed Panda with a new computer in January 2006. Worked great. Upgraded to 2007 when it came out in November 2006. Had no issue with tech support - toll free number. Very helpful.

Recently I noticed my whole system has slowed down. Ran a complete scan & got messages about Hack Tool. Panda said it neutralized (by renaming files); then said it couldn't get rid of files. I have run back to back scans. Still there. I tried e-mailing tech support. They told me to scan in Safe mode. Did. No change. I tried calling tech support. Company name & phone number changed. Finally got through & talked to a Vice Pres. Sent her e-mails (tech support just stopped answering me) and asked for refund. She said she'd have a techie phone me. He's e-mailed me, asking for a time; I gave him one. No phone call.

Luckily I only have another month to go on my subscription. I don't want to get rid of it until I can get some answers. I took it to the store where I'd bought it; their resident geek gave me a free tune-up; can't find out what's wrong.

Now am nervous I won't be able to get rid of Panda.

Now my system doesn't always download complete files, just little bits and pieces.

Any suggestions out there?

33333 Panda Platinum internet security 2007

Ever since I installed this software, my PC takes a long time to work and if I want to access the internet after its been idle for a while, I have to restart my pc, wait for it to restart and then I can connect to the internet. Tech support is painfully slow- when they bother at all to answer and the FAQ does not solve my problem. I am open to suggestions for a new antivirus software.

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