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PMM Personal Memory Manager

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M2M Matter to Man bv
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PMM Personal Memory Manager Description:

PMM Personal Memory Manager application screenshot

Personal Memory Manager(c) is a unique combination of powerful knowledge management and presentation engine with human user interface - clear, simple and understandable. The software is ultimately close to the requirements of user who wants to represent complex idea and knowledge structures and DOESN'T want to study the program for several days or weeks beforehand.

In plain words, Personal Memory Manager allows creating notes (chunks of information), placing them on sheets, and linking them by relations. Every note can have any amount of textual information or attached files. When displayed on sheets, a note can have its own color, image and name. Relations between notes also have their own names; that makes it easy to plan complex structures by simply refining relation types.

But the real magic of Personal Memory Manager is in its sheets concept. Every sheet can be explained as a "point of view" on an overall picture; thus, each note can appear in any number of sheets, explaining different aspects of the problem. Moreover, a relation between two notes created on one sheet will be visible on any sheet where both notes are visible. This powerful concept makes possible the creation of "overview" sheets; you have several sheets, where aspects are explained in a few notes, then drag ALL those notes to the "overview sheet" and see all the relations from all the sheets at once.

Review by smart reviews May 11, 2007

Operating System Support: WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003


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