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$69 USD
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2.9 MB
InterFaze Technologies
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NetScan-IT.exe Description:

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NetScan-IT is a powerful network utility with a host of tools to assist you in the day-to-day management of your network resources. Each tool is designed to provide you quick easy access to essential information about your network components. With all the tools provided in NetScan-IT you will save time and money by quickly identifying network issues and reducing downtime. NetScan-IT's network monitoring utility is an essential tool for scanning your critical network resources, testing for the presence of key network devices such as routers, firewalls and servers. NetScan-IT searches for devices on the LAN or WAN by IP address or Host name using ICMP PING or TCP port connections. The color-coded user interface, along with the ability to add device descriptions, allows for easy viewing to quickly identify where the problems are on your network. NetScan-IT can be configured to email and/or page network error notifications when network devices fail to respond. NetScan-IT's Network Management tools include: 'PortScan-IT': A host port scanner that scans for available ports on a host device. A Great tool for testing firewall and server security. 'Discover-IT': A network host discovery tool that searches for IP host connected to your network. 'Ping-IT': A network Ping utility that checks host connectivity on the network and resolves Host names to IP and IP to Host name. 'Trace-IT': A network Trace utility that traces the path a packet has to travel to reach a host. 'SNMP-IT': A host SNMP tool for viewing Simple Network Management Protocol values from remote host. 'TX Rate-IT': ALL NEW tool for measuring the transmission rate (kbs) between your local PC and a remote host. 'BW Graph-IT': ALL NEW feature that uses SNMP to graphically plot out real-time CPU and Bandwidth utilization on selected device interfaces. Can be purchased separately for $29

Operating System Support: WIN 98/xp/200/me/2003


NetScan-IT.exe reviewReview for NetScan-IT.exe

NetScan-IT.exe rating 4.31 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

55555 Excellent tools

This tools works great and was easy to use. only took a few minutes to set up and I was on my way

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