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NetAccelerator Description:

NetAccelerator 3.0 Improves Your Online Experience with New Speed Surfing Tools!

NetAcclerator 3.0 is more than a browser accelerator…it's the accelerated approach towards improving your entire online experience. If you want faster surfing and more control over what your computer downloads, NetAccelerator 3.0 is your answer. NetAccelerator 3.0 gives you a host of new configuration options to match your browsing style and specifications.

NetAccelerator 3.0's Automatic Browser Recognition makes it easy to set up and use. Running seamlessly in the background as a tray icon, NetAccelerator 3.0 gives you smarter searches, faster page retrieval, greater control and unbeatable security.
NetAccelerator 3.0 hands you the power to:

* CUSTOMIZE what you want to see on a Web page and which elements to load first.
* SCHEDULE downloads so pages are waiting for you instead of you waiting for them.
* CONTROL downloads by selecting which types of files to cache and which ones to ignore.
* SURF faster than ever before thanks to new multi-thread pre-fetching.
* SCAN your downloads for viruses.

Speed Surfing Tools:

* Multi-Thread Prefetching-instead of searching out links one-at-a-time, NetAccelerator 3.0 pre-fetches all the threads on a page at one time. Pre-fetched Web pages scream on screen up to 40 times faster!
* Intelligent Caching-searches out your "favorites" and refreshes them in your cache!
* Download Management-now specifying allowed file types and scheduling downloads is a snap!
* Pre-Fetch List Management-pages pre-fetched by NetAccelerator 3.0 are visible in a color-coded list!
* Bookmark Customizable-gives you the option to import/export/sync your favorite bookmarks from/to Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator!
* Hardware/System Optimization-added power to monitor modem and line status, plus new diagno...

Operating System Support: Windows All


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