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Napster is the only digital-music destination that lets consumers choose how they want to experience music, offering both an a la carte store and a premium subscription service. Napster offers the largest and broadest digital catalog of major and indie-label music and is rich in community features and programming. Napster lets consumers quickly and easily discover and experience music wherever they go--from the car to the office to the living room.

Napster delivers access to the largest catalog of online music, with more than 500,000 tracks spanning all genres from Eminem to Miles Davis.

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Napster reviewReview for Napster

Napster rating 4.26 out of 5 based on 19 ratings. With 5 user reviews.

11111 Anything Napster

Josh is right! I burned 15 songs to a CD and within 2 months, they were literally gone! I have written Napster several times about it and they have not responded. Went back into the Napster software to download again, followed each step, songs will not download at all this time around. Trying to purchase and download a song is a nightmare. I do not recommend Napster to anyone.

55555 Josh is completely wrong

admittedly there are some shortcomings to a subscription service but if you listen to alot of music than it's the way to go.

First off Josh said something about not being able to keep music that you purchase at 99c... seems a bit silly. i'm able to keep everything i purchase. as far as having to pay to load it on your mp3 player... if you have the "to-go" subscription you can load your player as much as you want. This is actually the best point of a subscription service mainly because i like to load fresh music immediately after i've listen to what's already on my mp3 player. and actually i think i would waste alot of money buying tunes that i won't listen to anymore in a month or two.

I personally like the playlist capabilities but maybe because i'm used to them. seems pretty easy to me.

22222 napster isn't worth the headache

I recently tried the "free" demo of napster (which requires a credt card, and i need to cancel explicitly to keep from being charged). My impression was that napster was based on a subscription fee rather than a per-track payment, like iTunes. This is not true if you want to burn a cd or load an iPod. In those cases, they charge 99 cents per track (on top of the subscription cost of $10/month, higher if you use an iPod). Also, after buying a track, you can't save the file to your machine directly.

The burning software is limited also. It will let you burn an audio cd, but not an mp3 cd, and it will automatically finalize your cd. This is particularly annoying if you want to save mp3 files.

Besides that, the interface for managing playlists is counterintuitive and difficult to use, especially in regards to saving playlists. There are other minor things that give the impression that the software wasn't designed with the user in mind. For example, when searching for music, napster won't let you resize the results window because an ad takes precidence.

Altogether, napster is lacking in selection, capability, and interface compared to similar software, and costs more. I don't recommend it.