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Multi Screen Emulator

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Multi Screen Emulator Description:

Multi Screen Emulator application screenshot

Nowadays computer has become a universal tool and can be used in any context. Computer can combine special working tool, typewriter, calculator, game machine, CD- and DVD-player and even TV set.
Now it is possible to do almost everything using the computer! At the same time, it is not required to install particular Microsoft Windows for each task separately. You have the possibility to install and launch games, working and development tools, and office and entertainment applications on single Microsoft Windows workstation. But in case of launching all of these applications simultaneously the number of windows will be dramatically increased and the switching from one application to another can make you crazy.
Multi Screen Emulator for Windows (MSEW) helps to solve this problem and arranges all these windows on virtual screens to get rid off any disorder and chaos on your Windows desktop. MSEW creates up to eight virtual screens and each of them can be used for specific aims. For example, you can launch all working tools such as text editors, spreadsheets and engineering tools on the first screen; use the second one for launching games and the third one to launch slideshow or CD-player with pleasant music. Switching of the virtual screens can be performed by using MSEW panel or by hot keys. But how to combine different actions at the same time? For example, how to work with spreadsheets editor while listening to the music or playing favorite card game and be able to quickly switching between them or activate needed application only using the mouse? MSEW brings you the easy and convenient solution for this. You just activate the screen button's popup-menu on the MSEW panel and select needed application in the list to bring it on the active screen. Special applications, such as File Managers, Internet chats or email clients can be configured to be visible on all screens.
Download Free trial version now and discover all the possibilities MSEW brings y...

Operating System Support: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000


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