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Monopoly 3

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$19.95 USD
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252 MB
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Monopoly 3 Description:

Monopoly 3 application screenshot

No game library is complete without the new Monopoly game for the PC! Featuring cleverly animated tokens, bright 3D graphics and the choice of 10 different major city game boards plus the classic Monopoly game board. Compete with up to six players or wheel and deal over the Internet! Also included is a free, special Monopoly game token, making this Monopoly game experience a must-have for collectors and newcomers alike!

Operating System Support: win98/xp


Monopoly 3 reviewReview for Monopoly 3

Monopoly 3 rating 4.64 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

55555 monnopoly 3

i thot it was pretty dame cool. me and my sister had a blast playing it. thank u for the down load

33333 Monopoly 3 review

This game violates monopoly rules and confuses the user. Here is a list of problems: trading interupted by other trades and turn stopped in mid stream and you loose your chance to trade that round. Houses can only be purchased during yoiur turn and even then only at times. The 3d interferes with the readability of the cards. The computer offers only outragious deals thus interfering which impacts its skill level allowing me to win most of the time despite its cheating. Trading is supposed to be possible between oponents turns but there is no allowed time lapse so you can only trade when it is your turn or when the computer offers you a rediculous deal. Sometimes payments dont seem to register or atleast register late. Graphics though impressive dont compensate for violation of monopoly rules. Good players carefully time their trading and building...this is thrown off by design flaws in the program. Good players deduce much from the trades ops engage in; the trades flash so fast on the screen its virtualy impossible to register. At some adjustments the difference between green and yellow are not apparent in the markers that tell who owns what. Furthermore there is no trading history provided, only purchasing from the bank when landing on properties. The graphics in general are wonderfully eyepopping...if the quirks are worked out this could be the best monopoly game on the plsanet.

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