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Magento Bulk Product Actions Extension

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Magento Bulk Product Actions Extension Description:

Magento Bulk Product Actions Extension application screenshot

Extended Mass Action Extension minimizes the time taken for an administrator to edit products, classify products under categories, change prices and other routine tasks. Product name, category, statuses and values of their attributes can be changed directly from the product grid itself without entering the edit pages. It is done by magento bulk product actions extension

Apart from product grid editing, bulk actions can be performed to inflict changes in attribute values for a significant number of products. Now updating products or editing and their attribute values can be done in minimum time.


Product attributes can be changed without needing to delete and recreate it

Assign or remove any number of products to categories

Add multiple attributes to products or remove unwanted attributes

Special Price for products can be updated and validity time can be specified

Edit products directly on product grid

Edit product in a mass scale by using the mass edit actions extension

Operating System Support: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Tags: magento product actions extension, magento product grid extension


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