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LucidLink Wireless LAN Security

Price/Registration Fee:
$449 USD
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20.3 MB
Interlink Networks, Inc.
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LucidLink Wireless LAN Security Description:

LucidLink Wireless LAN Security application screenshot

Wi-Fi Security for Small Business.

Protect your wireless network with enterprise-strength security without being a networking security expert. LucidLink secures your 802.11 wireless LAN from unauthorized access with 802.1X security - the same technology used by Fortune 500 companies to protect their WLANs - combined with the ease-of-use that small businesses require. LucidLink delivers 802.1x authentication and advanced WPA encryption with rapid out-of-the-box deployment and an easy-to-use interface. Securely connecting users to the network is as simple as “Click. Click. Connect.™” Click a button on the client to register to the network. Click a button on the server to authorize the user. And the user is securely connected to the network.

Note: LucidLink currently works with Windows XP clients and 802.1X enabled access points including 3Com, Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Motorola, Netgear, Proxim, and SMC.

Operating System Support: Win XP


LucidLink Wireless LAN Security reviewReview for LucidLink Wireless LAN Security

LucidLink Wireless LAN Security rating 3.92 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

44444 Works as advertised and no problems at all

Approximately 1 month ago (late, but better late than never), I began exploring how to improve my wireless network in my home office. I'm fairly computer savvy, but by no means, an "expert."

During my research, I ran across several references to LucidLink and, upon investigating, decided to try it out. There is one cautionary note, your router does need to be 802.1x compatible (don't confuse that with 802.1a, b or c, look for 802.1x). Fortunately, my new, DLlink I624 router was and so, I downloaded the software on their (then) 30 day, free trial. After the trial period, the software was $99.00 for a 3-user license (all I needed in my home office).

Today, my free trial was over. I was very satisfied with the ease of installation (it's a no brainer, really) and it's a snap to use. Install it on your server (usually, your desktop) and then a smaller "client copy" on each of your laptops that you wish to connect with. This process took me less than 20 minutes). After that, you don't even need your first cup of coffee to get it going. Just boot up the laptop, click on the LucidLink icon, it will see your server, click on CONNECT and you're good to go, safe, secure and free of worry.

The really, really good news is, that today, fully prepared to offer up my hard earned, $99.00 to buy the license, I was informed by LucidLink that beginning last week, they elected to make the product for free for the 3 user license version. They actually declined to accept my money!

Both my desktop (server) and laptops (cllients) run XP Pro, and while I know the software works with XP Home edition, I'm not sure what other OS versions it is compatible with, check their website first.

11111 Compatability of Software

I've installed this app on several networks...and it's never worked as advertised. "Click, Click, Connect" should be "Click, Click....go buy some more equipment, contact tech support...Connect'.
All cards on the networks are A,B,G... but literally NONE of them worked on first install.
Take a look at the compatability guide. It's so short... you can memorize it.
Stay away from this product. It's just not worth the time.

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