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LiterAuto Buddy

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$19.99 USD
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LiterAuto Buddy Description:

LiterAuto Buddy application screenshot

Companion for Yahoo's Literati word game. Generates all Valid words playable and shows you where they go. Automatcially scans text from yahoo game, along with your letters, so you don't have to waste time typing. The program then finds all playable words for that game, allowing you to score maximum points. The only thing this program doesn't do is play the game for you.

LiterAUTO Buddy will scan the ENTIRE board and your letters (including the wild card space) for you automatically, and input the information onto the LiterAUTO Buddy's easy-to-use interface.

COMPLETELY AND 100% UNDETECTABLE!! Do not be fooled by others (i.e., non-playbuddy customers, tournament directors, ladder administrators., etc.) into believing otherwise!

Once LiterAUTO Buddyscans the board and your letters, hit "solve" and it will give you a list of words, based on the scrambled letters you have, and list them in order of points. By clicking on the words on the list, LiterAUTO Buddy's interface will automatically show you precisely where that word will fit on the board!

Game tutor option allows you to save your Literati game, so should you want to study a game you've played at a later date, simply save it and then load it when you're ready to view it.

Comprehensive word list, numbering in the tens of thousands, with the option of adding your very own dictionary.

Enters your solutions into yahoo for you automatically.

Built in backdoors to Yahoo rooms.

Now the ultimate tool for Yahoo's Literati.

Free LiterAUTO Buddy upgrades for a year after purchase.

Friendly online technical support.

Operating System Support: Windows XP and Vista


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