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$35 USD
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43 MB
Babmbleweeny Labs
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LibraryScan Description:

LibraryScan application screenshot

Thank you for your interest in LibraryScan! LibraryScan is a complete solution for cataloging your books, CDs, Mp3s, DVDs, VHS tapes and Games. It requires nothing more than your computer, a broadband internet connection and an inexpensive USB-compatible WebCam. Furthermore it’s simplicity itself to use. LibraryScan uses a WebCam to read barcodes from the back of your books, games, movies and CDs. This information is typically all it needs to search the internet and catalog your item in the LibraryScan database, along with a cool full-color picture of the original item!

Once in the database, you can view, edit and even lend the item to your family and friends. LibraryScan can maintain a list of borrowers, along with mugshot and contact details, allowing you to keep track of who has got what, where they live, and when it’s coming back!

Got a lot of stuff? LibraryScan has a comprehensive search engine that enables you to find cataloged items based on any conceivable parameter you can think of… actor, author, artist, director, title, track…. The application can search your library, or head out onto the internet to find what you need in a matter of seconds. Furthermore it maintains a location for each item in the database. Did you forget where you left that awesome DVD you want to watch? LibraryScan will remember and point you in the right direction.

In addition to keeping your CD collection in line, LibraryScan can scan your hard disk for mp3’s and associate them to their parent albums. With a simple right-click you can dynamically build a playlist and play your files within the LibraryScan Mp3 player!

These and many other features make LibraryScan an invaluable tool for those who just don’t have time to remember what they have, where they left it and who they lent it to!

Operating System Support: XP


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