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Java Trainer

Freeware GPL
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Java Trainer Description:

Java Trainer application screenshot

Java Trainer (JT) is for students who intend to learn Java , C#(or C++ for that matter). It is a simple programming system in a web page (no install), with a language close to C and Java, but cut-down.

It only covers the very early material of a programming course, and might also be suitable for students who want to make a start on some 'pre-course' work, before attending college. It lets them run short programs(e.g 10-liners) and introduces the 'curly-bracket and semicolon' stuff, without the overhead of code like public static class main args string{ } etc.

Though instructors know that the brackets etc is just punctuation, not concept, students don't often have this view. Java trainer lets them get into variables etc with a low overhead.

Once students get beyond the concepts such as assignment, 'if', 'while', they may be ready for a proper system.

The system also has a built-in code formatter.

Note that objects and events are not covered. This will not suit those who wish an 'objects really early' approach, or who want events from stage 1.

My view is that it is worth knowing about variables, 'if', and maybe passing parameters, and it doesn't hurt to do these first. JT is not compulsory!

Operating System Support: any


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