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IncrediMail Xe Build 532

Adware Free
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5 MB
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IncrediMail Xe Build 532 Description:

IncrediMail is an advanced e-mail client that offers you an unprecedented interactive experience. With IncrediMail you can personalize your e-mail according to your mood and personality. Choose from an assortment of e-mail backgrounds, animations, sounds, 3D effects, and e-cards and make them all become part of your e-mail. New features in IncrediMail Xe Build 532 include emoticons, dancing letters, random notifier selection, improved style box navigation, enahnced editing capabilities, and support for MSN e-mail and Windows XP.

Operating System Support: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP


IncrediMail Xe Build 532 reviewReview for IncrediMail Xe Build 532

IncrediMail Xe Build 532 rating 4.32 out of 5 based on 28 ratings. With 23 user reviews.

22222 Incredimail

I have been an Incredimail user for many years. I purchased premium and gold with a life time subscription. Now I'm told I must purchase the program again. I will now use firefox. Goodbye Incredimail.

11111 Incompatible Resource Hugger with too many technical problems

Not only does this software need a tremendous amount of system resources for the simple task of editing and sending e-mails, it is also rather buggy and either crashes frequently or does not send or receive messages properly.

Moreover, the manufacturer makes it difficult to obtain the Gold Gallery contents that one pays for. The Internet is full of reports from people who cannot access the Gold Gallery after buying it, being constantly redirected to the "buy it" page. The standard answer from customer service: use IE, reset all web and security settings to their defaults, grant IncrediMail all rights and permissions as trusted software, block or delete all other cookies, and so on. Even users desperate enough to do that risky nonsense often have no luck and still can't get what they paid for. All the company would have to do is provide a friggin' download link instead of all the hassle, but they simply won't do it.

Other dubious business practices consist in their constantly removing functionality from the main package and charging extra for it. A spam and junk filter should go without saying these days, especially when one purchased the software, but junk filter and security protection both cost an additional annual fee. Tools to import/export messages, backup data cost extra, too, and often these basic operations/functions can only be realized with expensive third party utilities.

As for the program features themselves, they leave a lot to be desired. Sure, at first sight the animations, pictures and sounds look impressive, but very soon, anybody who's not a teenage girl will find themselves looking for something different and more elegant than pink kitten cartoons. Elegant stationery for art, media, business or presentations are very few and far between.

Contact management is simply a joke, with any freeware program from a single author offering more and better possibilities to save your contacts details. The same goes for calender/task scheduler and the absence of a mass mailing functionality for newsletters or the like.

In the end, IncrediMail is a lot of smokes and mirrors, hiding inferior programming techniques and a very greedy business model. A good HTML Editor plus a decent e-mail software like The Bat and the free e-mail software from German or Japanese authors (far more professional and versatile) beat the living **** out of IncrediMail any time.

11111 IncrediMail

I have used IncrediMail since it first came out. Of course, being a business owner, it is totally inappropriate. However, it was a fun program to send email to friends and family. With the last download, we started having serious problems. When you send email, it shuts the program down and a pop-up error comes up with a message to send an error report to IncrediMail. I can receive incoming emails but most of my outgoing emails never work. They just added 3D and availability to put your own photo in outgoing emails. That has never worked. In addition with the new version, you can not longer print email message, coupons, or any incoming email messages. I am so disappointed since I really loved the program. My husband gave up and abandoned the program about 6 months ago due to the problems I described. Do not bother to write tech support either because you will NOT get a response. What surprises me is that they are still adding new email letters, email cards, sounds, and animations. I wonder what happened to the program and why no one will help resolve the problems? I was/am a VIP user so this is very disappointing when you invest in a program that you think after taking your money will be around to support their program...

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