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Incoming Call Monitor

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Incoming Call Monitor Description:

Incoming Call Monitor application screenshot

What is Incoming Call Monitor?
Incoming Call Monitor is a hip software that monitor your incoming phone call . When a call reaches, it will monitor it , and display the incoming call number at once. Incoming Call Monitor can memorize every calls and put in order the incoming phone call numbers in the history .

How does it work?
Incoming Call Monitor can automatically monitor your incoming phone calls ,and tell you the phone number of the caller. Then it records the time and the information of this phone. You can easily search out the phone number and the phone's information after several days . Because the Incoming Call Monitor have already classified the every phone's information clearly.

What can I do with it?
How convenient !Some body who is very boring ,have already disturbed you all the day .At that night ,you would like to lay on the sofa and watch TV. But at this moment ,the telephone ring. What can you do ?Maybe after a long-time deeply thinking, you would pick up the telephone .Because you will think that maybe it is parents' call. However ,it is the boring man like just now. But when you have the Incoming Call Monitor, you could the solve the problem very easily. When you watch TV or revel in the music ,you are so actively .However you do not pay attention to the telephone. Your friends call you several times ,but you do not know it. However, Don't worry! a moment later when you go back to the computer, the Incoming Call Monitor will tell you the whole information on what happened just now. One day ,you have a very important information ,and you want to tell that to you friend .But you can't find her telephone number. Do not worry! If her have called you some times ago, you could easily find her number completely laying in the Incoming Call Monitor .

Operating System Support: Win 3.1x, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x


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