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Genie Backup Manager

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$49.95 USD Buy Now!
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8.72 MB
Genie Soft
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Genie Backup Manager Description:

Genie Backup Manager application screenshot

GBM is perfect for users of all computer comfort levels. Novice users will find it easy to create their first backup job in matter of minutes after installing the software, thanks to its intuitive wizard-based user interface, while advanced users will appreciate the software's extended scalability and flexibility, and features such as preserving NTFS ADS, Email notification, Self restorable, and scripting capabilities ( GScript ).

Operating System Support: WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003


Genie Backup Manager reviewReview for Genie Backup Manager

Genie Backup Manager rating 4.33 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. With 3 user reviews.

11111 Genie Backup Manager

Doesn't backup all the files you select and it doesn't warn you to that effect! I would not trust this program to make reliable backups!
Read reviews elsewhere for proof.

22222 Too unreliable

What I want in a backup package is one in which I can set up a job, schedule it, and have it run as specified without incident.
That's not what you get with GBM. I've experienced many many lockups and program crashes, which are extremely inconvenient. I check on the backup and 'lo and behold, it didn't run because the program froze or crashed. I tried each new update that came out, as well as tried contacting support. Support was sorely lacking - the best support I saw was from a message board on their website where users were helping each other. Oddly, that message board seemed to disappear.
One last problem - email notifications. How about some real options? I find it very strange that you can specify only one recipient across ALL backup jobs, and that your only choices are to send an email every time, or when an error happens, and you can't customize the email beyond the subject line.

55555 Amazing

Best backup software i ever used, easy, fast, everything, coool

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