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Ftp 4 Webmasters

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$39.95 USD
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Ftp 4 Webmasters Description:

Multithreaded website synchronization and automated logfile processing.

* Your redesigned websites are faster online because of multithreaded file transfers; especially if you have made numerous small changes.

* Your website doesn't show inconsistent pages during the upload, if you enabled the safe upload mode. This uploads the files to temporary files first, and renames theses files after all uploads are complete.

* Start all file transfer operations out of the Windows Explorer: choose from the context menue (right mouse click) for directories and files.

* Automate the processing of server generated files, e.g. logfiles: at preset times download, decompress, and feed these to your processor.

Multithreaded file transfers

This means to open several ftp connections to a host, and to transfer a file on each connection. Even though you have only one physical internet line it accelerates the overall file transfers. During the time one connection waits for an answer, another connection can use the internet line to issue its command to the host.
Automated logfile processing

It takes only a few minutes to configure:
You specify the location of the files to download, a target directory for these files on your PC, and which command to invoke for each downloaded file. You can process the standard logfiles with any loganalyzer with a command line interface

Operating System Support: Windows All


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