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EzineAnnouncer Description:

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Why promote your ezine the hard way? EzineAnnouncer is an automated software product that let's you instantly promote your ezine through hundreds of ezine directories, announcement lists, free ad sites, and more. Increase your subscribers, market your ezine -- with a few simple clicks of your mouse. You earn a generous 35% commission on each sale plus another 5% on all your sub-affiliate sales. Complete marketing toolkit and support provided.

Operating System Support: 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP


EzineAnnouncer reviewReview for EzineAnnouncer

EzineAnnouncer rating 4.56 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

44444 EzineAnnouncer Review

This review is on a software submission program developed by Jason Potash call EzineAnnouncer. Jason created EzineAnnouncer to fill a void that existed to allow ezine publishers and advertisers to place their ezine and article promotion strategy on autopilot by submitting them automatically to hundreds on ezine directories at the push of a button.

The question is, “Has he succeeded with his goal”?... I believe so!

So what does Ezine Announcer offer and who will benefit from it?

EzineAnnouncer is primarily designed for ezine or article publishers. It shows you how and where to market your ezine and free’s up your valuable time by automating the tedious and repetitive tasks that creating and promoting your ezine demands.

Such as:

- Submitting your ezine to all the top Ezine Directories... up to 100% of the work (typing) is automatically done for you.

- Promoting your ezine through Announcement Lists... over 60 lists are included - one click and you'll submit via e-mail to them all.

- Registering your articles... you'll automatically register your content with over 40 of the top article archive sites.

- Blasting your articles out to other ezines... it's the ultimate form of free advertising. EzineAnnouncer blasts out your articles in one click.

- Posting 100s of free ezine ads... you'll be automatically reminded to resubmit every week or month.

- Tracking your ads, contacts, sales... without having to struggle with 3 or 4 different software applications

Listen to what Lee Benson had to say:

"There's simply nothing like it!

I've just downloaded Ezine Announcer and taken it for spin, and I have to say it's already blown me away. It's phenomenal! It's just the tool people need to easily publicize their new ezines with the minimal of effort.

The thing I like most is the ready-made ezine database (instantly telling me, at a glance, whether each ezine accepts free advertising and free articles submissions - which is a real bonus when wanting free publicity!) and the fact that I can submit to these folks with the click of a mouse button. There's simply nothing like it!

I'd recommend your powerful tool as a time-saving and effective resource for any Internet marketer who is serious about using ezines in their business strategy."

Lee Benson

I have to agree with Lee. This is not one of those many lame brain ebooks going around disguised as software programs, when all they deliver is a list of outdated ezine directory hyperlinks that anyone can get for free simply by surfing the net.

EzineAnnouncer is a real computer software program that actually lives up to what it says it will do… and actually does the work for you.

I must admit, my first impression when I read the sales letter was, oh no… not another one!” But in the background a little voice was telling this one was different. So, as I put a lot of faith in my “gut feelings” I decided to purchase the softare.

Well all I can so is that I no longer have to spend hours searching and compiling my own list of ezine directories, or visiting each site to find out how to they want you to submit and then complete each ezine/article submission form.

Now… it’s a breeze. It’s all done at the push of a button. When you first use the program you fill out a master form with all your details. Once this is completed EzineAnnouncer automatically fills out all the individual submission forms for you. You can complete the whole process in just 15 minutes.

There is even a facility that identifies sites that only accept email submissions and with one click of your mouse button you can fire off an email with the required information automatically included.

Now that’s what I call automation! It has saved me an enormous amount of time that I can now spend on other areas to improve my business.

Imagine how many new subscribers this could attract or how it could increase you traffic to your site. Talk about a viral traffic machine!

EzineAnnouncer is also an excellent way to create viral traffic. If you produce articles you can now potentially get your name in front of hundreds of thousands of people each and every month for free.

Simply personalize a message, using the pre-loaded details of over 1160 contacts from Jason’s personal database that accept article submissions, hit the button and presto… EzineAnnouncer automatically searches and inserts the necessary details in the fields and sends out an email.

This benefit alone has the potential to explode your response rate.

Another benefit is that the program is also jam packed with details of hundreds of ezines that accept free ads. I know that free ads don’t have the pulling power they once did… but they are still very effective if you can get enough of them out there.

This has been the biggest problem in the past, you needed an army of personal assistants to submit your free ads to all the directories and to monitor their results. It just wasn’t practical.
EzineAnnouncer can now acts as your very own trustworthy assistant. Automatically send you free ads using auto-forms to reach tens of thousands of potential customers each week. With this kind of exposure you could attract hundreds of new subscribers or generate some serious cash.

Also included in the program is an ad tracking facility. Now you can test and tweak your ad copy until your hearts content. Use different ads in multiple ezines, change your headlines or alter the copy. Keep doing this until you find the most profitable responses…before you spend your hard earned money. This can save you hundreds of dollars alone just in testing your ads.
Jason is so confident that you will benefit from his program that he will give you a whole year to test drive EzineAnnouncer to see for yourself the value of the software.

If after 12 full months EzineAnnouncer hasn’t provided you with an invaluable set of resources, saved you countless hours of time, created a stampede of subscribers, helped you build your ezine and paid for itself 10 times over, Jason will simply give you a 100% refund.
No questions asked.

Click here for more information on EzineAnnouncer:

Dave Isaacs

David Isaacs is the editor of the “Your Journey to Success” newsletter, where even if you only went to school to eat your lunch, we can show you how to really succeed online... so you can live your dreams now!

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