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Express Burn CD Burner

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NCH Swift Sound Software
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Express Burn CD Burner Description:

Express Burn CD Burner application screenshot

Express Burn is a free program to burn audio or data CDs with any PC with a CD recorder installed. Offers a 14 day trial of DVD and Blu-ray burning functions.

Operating System Support: Win98/XP/2000/2003/Vista
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Express Burn CD Burner reviewReview for Express Burn CD Burner

Express Burn CD Burner rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

55555 Express Burn

This was a great program, and they offer other stuff as well. I didn't have enough room on my hard drive to copy the files with other methods. This is really easy to use, I never even read any help files. Beside all this, its freeware, although they run a personal ad on the bottom. And it did tell me it wasn't freeware, but I ignored it. I love it!

55555 Express Burn Best CD Freeware Yet!

Express Burn is the ultimate in data storage/back-up. The Aussies have produced this state-of-the-art CD burner that a computer novice could use well.
Comes with a full txt Help File, just in case. Don't let it's small install file size fool you into thinking it's not a must-have, novice-level disk burner. No complicated instructions to follow. If you can select a file, Express Burn will transfer ALL the data fast. Works on all CD drives, and set to 'Max' burn speed it defaults to the top writing speed and format of Windows from 95 thru XP! I copied 695MB's of back-up vital (multi-format LEGAL) files onto a generic Fujifilm (TM) 700MB CD R/W disk in 30 minutes. Took the disk to another computer and all the data is as readable on an aging ('97) IBM Aptiva (TM) as it is on my Hewlett Packard Pavilion (TM) main computer. This is IMHO the easiest and best CD burner and it's freeware! Grab this prog and forget the power-user $hareware competition that requires advanced-level cyber skills to even use. A+++++ FREEWARE!

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