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DivX Pro

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$30 USD
DivXNetworks, Inc.
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DivX Pro Description:

DivX Pro™: Better than the Best
DivX Pro 5.0 includes start-of-the-art video encoding techniques like psychovisual modeling, bi-directional encoding (B-frames), global motion compensation, and quarter pel. DivX Pro is also fully MPEG-4 compliant, and is able to encode videos that are compatible with the MPEG-4 Simple Profile and MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile.

But while it might include the most advanced video codec available today, DivX Pro is more than just a codec; it is an integrated suite of video compression tools. We've built directly into DivX Pro many of the most common tools found in professional editing and content creation applications. Things like resizing, de-interlacing, cropping, and inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown). Because all of these things are integrated directly with the codec, you can take advantage of them without high-priced applications, in some cases saving yourself hundreds of dollars. And the tight integration with the core codec means that these built-in tools perform faster and achieve better results than the equivalent tools when used in a non-integrated application

Operating System Support: Windows (All)


DivX Pro reviewReview for DivX Pro

DivX Pro rating 4.09 out of 5 based on 57 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

55555 Sweet

Great stuff. Can keep subtitles that are NOT hard encoded. Keep 5.1 audio. 1080p. great quality. great price. What more can you ask for?

55555 Thats good

Thats good prog ppl

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