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DirSync Directory Synchronizer

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$24.95 USD
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2.81 MB
Archersoft Inc.
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DirSync Directory Synchronizer Description:

DirSync Directory Synchronizer application screenshot

DirSync is a powerful tool designed to backup, synchronize, replicate or restore files and folders smartly and quickly. It supports many powerful and flexible features, such as: run as service, remote administration, scheduling, simulation, e-mail reporting, filtering, unicode filename, validation, transfer security attributes, transfer folder creation/modification time, keep deletion files, file revisioning, pre/post-sync process, error handling, path variables and detailed log, etc.

The synchronization is based on the policy specified by user to copy those files which are different between source and target folders. Using DirSync you may define multiple jobs and execute them at scheduled time automatically and silently.

There are many situations of using DirSync. For example, you can backup local working directories to safe place in a server, deploy or distribute files from one location to many other computers, synchronize data between desktop and laptop, backup your working data to external USB hard disk or flash disk etc.

Operating System Support: Win98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003


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