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Dhanalak Multi Branch Inventory 64bit

Price/Registration Fee:
$39 USD
Trial Period:
30 Days
File size:
2.86 MB
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Dhanalak Multi Branch Inventory 64bit Description:

Dhanalak Multi Branch Inventory 64bit application screenshot

Manage multi location Inventory automatically through the internet. Do accounting, inventory, management in a distributed fashion with automatic consolidation of data through the internet. Synchronizes and manages branch data automatically.

The software has lots of predefined data entry screens, extensive reports and many other facilities to manage any sort of multi branch business. It is easy to modify and extend indefinitely.

Monitor employee attendance at the branches. Request funds from the branches. Transfer funds to/from branches. Make an invoice at the head office and print it at the branch or vice-versa. Receive payments at the branch and account for it at the head office or vice versa. Monitor stock levels at different branches. Request stock for branches. Transfer stock to branches. Compare sales between different branches in a single report. Keep a close watch on branch expenses and profitability from the head office. Create and manage users at the head office and the same users can sign in through any branch through the internet or locally.

Control inventory at multiple branches/stores/locations. Create customer accounts at one branch and it will be automatically available at the other branches. Create purchase orders at the head office and receive at the branches. Manage and monitor cash at different branches. All masters and transactions are duplicated automatically at all the branches and the head office serving as a powerful backup. Manage assets at different branches. Manage logistics for different branches from the head office. Manage international branches.

System Requirements: 4GB ram for server, 1 GB ram for client
Operating System Support: Win7 x64, WinVista x64
Tags: accounting, inventory, multi, branch, chain, location, management


Dhanalak Multi Branch Inventory | PO Management Program