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Desktop Organizer and Arranger

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$14.95 USD
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Desktop Organizer and Arranger Description:

Desktop Organizer and Arranger application screenshot

D.O.A. (Desktop Organizer and Arranger) is a unique desktop manager that allows you to split your desktop area into 4 or 6 sections, which can be individually labeled . You can then arrange your icons in a way that you can easily find them. The program can also save and restore your icon layout. D.O.A. basically acts as an overlay, that helps you organize, it does not change your wallpaper, nor does it interact with the desktop in any way. Simple, but effective for those that need to organize their desktop.

Operating System Support: Win/95/98/ME/XP


Desktop Organizer and Arranger reviewReview for Desktop Organizer and Arranger

Desktop Organizer and Arranger rating 3.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

11111 DOA

This software frequently comes up on any search for freeware desktop organisers (5 searches out of 6 using various phrases in Google). It is not free, it has no useful free trial. It is not particularly good anyhow. The so-called free-trial is 15 days, and EVERY DAY it will reset it's settings, prompt you to buy the software, and lose all of your carefully placed desktop icons. Totally Useless and VERY ANNOYING.
Bin it and move on.

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