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CyberPatrol Parental Controls

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CyberPatrol LLC
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CyberPatrol Parental Controls Description:

Kids know the Internet inside out, but are unaware of all its hidden dangers. And most parents have no idea of the things kids are exposed to online.

Using CyberPatrol Parental Controls is one of the simplest and most effective steps you can take to protect your kids.

Control how and when people use your computer.

* Quickly and easily check status and modify settings

Flexible Content Filtering Options
Use the ‘ready-to-go’ filter settings, or customize for each user.

* Block p*rn and other unsuitable web sites, content and images
* Choose from Child, Young Teen, Mature Teen or Adult settings
* Select from 9 commonly blocked categories including Adult, Chat, Drugs, Gambling
* Create your own pre-approved list of sites

Limit Access to Programs
Do you want to make some programs ‘off-limits’ to your children?

* Block IM, chat, games or home finance programs
* Prevent program downloads that can harm your PC

Restrict Chat & Instant Messaging
Keep cyberbullies, online predators and scammers away from your kids.

* Protect personal information (address, phone number, etc.) from being revealed
* Block objectionable words and phrases used by cyberbullies and predators
* Choose from an enhanced list of common cyberbullying phrases to block

Monitor Internet Activity
Know where your kids go online.

* Get detailed reports on web pages visited, time and length of visit
* View and save weekly and daily summaries
* Easily block future access to objectionable sites

Limit Time Online
Too much Internet? Create predetermined time rules.

* Limit based on time of day, or daily/weekly cumulative time allowances
* Control both Internet and program use
* Once time limits are reached, a blocking message appears

Manage Internet access for as many people on one PC as needed

* Create multiple users with different filtering levels
* Integrates wit

Operating System Support: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
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