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Crob FTP Server

Price/Registration Fee:
$25.95 USD
File size:
2.64 MB
Crob Software Studio
Last Updated:
v3.6.1 Build 260
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Crob FTP Server Description:

Crob FTP Server application screenshot

FTP Server with database supported!
Support Database Addin. To control FTP Account through database. Build a user self FTP enviroment!
Customize your log file. High performance file struct to support search and class log information in more than millions records.
More wizard tools to lead user to config server in easy way.
Full network flux control. Include max flux (per day) and UL/DL ratios.
Using more than one encryption to make the server information safely.
S/KEY Password Encryption - Use MD5 and 448 bit password encryption.
Full virtual directory system supported.
Powerful Anti Attack function.
Ability to permit/deny access based on IP address information.
Site command extensions
Bind an account to IP and network card MAC address
Sustem message varialbes and Message files variables.
Server Schecule arrange.
User transfer speed control.
Manage users in the user group.
Ability to backup server information in auto mode.
Remote server control.
More functions in the future...

Operating System Support: Win/95/98/2K/XP/2K3


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