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Cache and Cookie Washer

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Cache and Cookie Washer Description:

Cache and Cookie Washer application screenshot

Your browser records your Internet surfing habits. Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL and many other web browsers all store copies of every web page you've visited, every picture viewed, and small text files called "cookies" placed by some web sites on your computer. These files not only take up valuable space on your hard drive, but they also slow down your browser over time and enable anyone with access to your computer to see exactly where you've been and what you've been viewing.

Cache & Cookie Washer is the award winning privacy and clean-up utility that eliminates all these tracks from your computer! Cleaning up the history of your activities can be a tedious chore of manually removing each history file or entry. If privacy and disk space are to be maintained, this process must be performed every time you use your computer. Cache & Cookie Washer makes cleaning up a breeze!

Cache & Cookie Washer can automatically clean up your browser's cache, cookies, and history! It can run in the background and clean up your tracks when you are done surfing the Internet or any other time you choose. Everyone from computer beginners to expert users agree: Cache & Cookie Washer is an essential tool for protecting your privacy and improving your computer's performance.

Operating System Support: Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP


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Cache and Cookie Washer rating 4.22 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

55555 To get CACHE COOKIE WASHER working again

I have CACHE & COOKIE WASHER but it has stoped coming up each time I go on line, how do I fix it Please

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